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A visit to this website is in principle anonymous. The only personal information that is recorded by
means of this website is information that you provide voluntarily by filling in the customer and / or order
forms, ordering a product (Toko Int BV) or signing up for the newsletter. The data that visitors specify
for sending the newsletter (name and e-mail address) and when placing an order are stored by us in a
data file. All these data are treated confidentially and will not be used for commercial purposes other
than for our own newsletters with relevant offers of our products.

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What are cookies?
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cookies, such as cookies that remember login names, passwords and the contents of your shopping
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The cookies of Toko Int BV
If you order a magazine package on our website, some cookies are placed to correctly display the
contents of the shopping basket and to keep track of changes in the basket. These cookies do not
contain personal information. Do you create an account when ordering? Then our website can place a
cookie to remember your login details (you can choose whether you want this). Creating an account is
not mandatory. You can also place an order by e-mail without an account. You can also turn off
cookies in the settings of your browser (such as Firefox, Edge, Safari etc.) and indicate that you do not
want to be followed online.
Liability The information on our site ( ) has been compiled with the utmost care.
However, it is possible that errors in the information have arisen due to technical malfunctions or other
circumstances. Toko Int BV can use these errors or mistakes on the website. not be held liable. In
addition, Toko Int BV is in no way liable for damage resulting from the use, inability to use, or the
results of the use of this site, or the materials or information on this site. If the use of the materials or
information from this site results in the need for service, repair or correction of equipment or data, you
take all costs for your account. Copyright No part of our website may be copied, reproduced and / or
made public without prior permission from Toko Int BV. Do you have questions or do you want to view
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